Nasa fears cosmic rays from outer space will damage plane passengers’ brains


image northcop

28th jan 2017

In a chilling statement, Nasa wrote: “Just above you, high-energy particles, called cosmic rays, are zooming in from outer space.

“These speedy particles crash wildly into molecules in the atmosphere, causing a chain reaction of particle decays.

“While we are largely protected from this radiation on the ground, up in the thin atmosphere of the stratosphere, these particles can affect humans and electronics alike.”

To study the effects of these cosmic rays, the space agency sent a giant helium-filled balloon into the stratosphere to measure cosmic radiation coming from the sun and interstellar space.

It found that because of their time spent in Earth’s upper atmosphere, aircrew are exposed to nearly double the radiation levels of us on the ground.

Exposure to cosmic radiation is also a concern for space travel too.

It added: “Learning how to protect humans from radiation exposure is a key step in future space exploration.”




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