Survivalist and doomsday prepper James Wesley, Rawles says Darwin is the best place in Australia to survive an apocalyps

8th April 2017

Rawles said that despite the location of Darwin, situated on the Timor Sea and in proximity to South East Asia, it was the perfect place for Australians to flock in the event of an apocalyptic type event.

“The culpable region, would be Darwin. You have plenty of rainfall (enough resources) but you have a very light population density overall,” he said.

He said he had studied Australia after using the country as a setting for one of his novels, Expatriates.

“After the United States suffers a major socio-economic meltdown, a power vacuum sweeps the globe,” a description of the book reads.

“A newly-radicalised Islamic government has risen in Indonesia and — after invading the Philippines, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea — sets its sights on Australia. No longer protected by American military interests, Australia must repel an invasion alone.”

Rawles said the novel is a “survival manual dressed as fiction” which formed the basis for his opinion on Darwin.

“Up in the wet would probably be the most sustainable place to be, even though the tropical climate has its own set of problems.

“On balance, because of a light population density, its remoteness from major population centres on the east coast, Darwin would probably be the safest place.

“Without water, you’re a refugee. You can improvise a lot of things, but you can’t improvise water. You can store a lot of things, but water is bulky, you can’t store a couple years worth of water, certainly not in the context of a suburban home.

“Outside of water, everything else is secondary from a survival standpoint.”




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