Abby Martin and Paul Joseph Watson Thrown DOWN on Twitter


We are TMN think that Abby Martin’s comparison on the influence of ISIS and the Columbine Shooters to be fucking ridiculous.

And Abby Martin is well aware of how absurd her comparison is. We have been keeping an eye on Abby Martin for quite some time and we don’t trust her.

You heard it here first, keep an eye on Abby Martin. We don’t think her allegiance is to the truth.

– Team TMN


The term “regressive left” was coined as way to exploit leftist insanity. Being “regressive” is to be offended by stupid shit or to impose censorship on ideas and discussions. For example, students at Yale University offended by Halloween costumes and demanding a safe space where nothing at all can be interpreted as offensive is regressive, students at Lena Dunham’s alma mater being “offended” by the cafeteria school selection is regressive.

Defending all muslims, when a muslim himself coined the phrase “regressive left” is a prime example of what it means to be “regressive”.

Abby Martin launched this potently tragic tweet. As an Abby Martin fan this was very disappointing…






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