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Woman Claims Her Salad Dressing Was Possessed: ‘I Was Attacked’


13th Nov 2016

When I first saw this story, I asked myself, “What kind of person thinks salad dressing could become possessed?”

Then I saw a picture of the woman in question, and I totally understood.

Divel McLean, which is pretty close to “devil” and I think she may be projecting her own possession onto an unsuspecting inanimate object, was at her friend’s house making food when the salad dressing turned on her.


McLean told Fox19,

I heard pop, pop, pop. I looked up, it was possessed. It was going crazy. It was shooting up in the air, to the side.

Man, how embarrassed do you think that demon feels knowing he accidentally possessed salad dressing and not a more useful host?

The Wyoming woman claims that the salad dressing exploded loudly “like a firecracker.”

She said of the incident,

Well it’s hard to explain, I was attacked by a bottle of salad dressing. He probably thought I was in the whiskey or something.

I’m starting to think she was as well…

She believes that the salad dressing, which has been recalled due to a bacteria in the product bubbling and causing the dressing to foam, caused $2,500 in damages.

But like, honey, two grand? Just… just clean up the salad dressing. You’ve never spilled something before?

I’m sorry this woman has been haunted by a possessed salad dressing. Lettuce pray.

As an expert in demonology, I can say without a doubt that the culprit is none other than…


Makatiel, a “plague of god,” is a demon that can cause famine through earthquakes and storms. However, this particular demon may have gotten confused.

Instead of causing famine, he just embodied a bottle of salad dressing and really scared one lady.

This demon doesn’t respect himself enough. Possessing a $3 bottle of dressing? Come on.








Russian Scientists Announce Historic Discovery Rendering the Entire System Obsolete

gold review

17th July 2016

In another challenge to the Khazarian Mafia’s Babylonian paper magick financial system and the entire pyramid of cartels, two Russian scientists revealed a groundbreaking scientific discovery that is expected to change every system built for the last millennia.

Chemical transmutation, specifically involving lead into gold, was first heard within the occult science known as alchemy. Then, it was that same occultism that continue to suppress using the “national security” all encompassing excuse against free energy activist John Bedini, who successfully transmuted copper into gold by using 5000 Celsius of heat, further explaining why countries above the Ring of Fire, like the Philippines, have so much natural gold deposit that’s been extracted by foreign mining firms decades ago.

To put it simply, there is more than one way to produce gold, naturally and artificially. And this very valuable element has more than one application, too, not just in the realm of electronics industry, but also within our physical well-being, and has been made part in man’s pursuit for longevity for thousands of years.

So, why is the knowledge pertaining to all of the above are not available up to now?

In a word, capitalism.

The profit oriented capitalism, in conjunction with the monetary based economic system, has aborted humanity’s march towards space age progress. It has deterred us from achieving our full potential.

All technologies that have been discovered, and are deliberately suppressed by patent acquisition and shelving, can make the existing control paradigm obsolete overnight. Those who are addicted to these control systems need to be neutralized if we are to make it to the next level of our evolution that’s been delayed for more than 100 years.

This is exactly what the BRICS countries are trying to do.

For the last several years since its inception, the BRICS tried several methods and strategies to start this paradigm shifting change that is not only expected to affect their own population, but that of the entire planet.

In order to weaken the clout of the Rothschild banking dynasty that is protecting the status quo, both Russia and China started buying vast quantities of gold available in the open market. This didn’t cause a significant increase on the price of gold and silver right away because those prices were already under intense systematic rigging in the first place, in order to protect the “integrity” of the legal tender, global exchange currency, i.e. Federal Reserve’s US dollar.

However, the stable and low gold prices only fed the desire of Russia and China to buy even more gold bullion using their huge reserve US dollars, a gradual yet deliberate dollar dumping, further undermining the already weakened Western economies. This resulted to the massive resignations of banking CEOs in the early part of 2012. These massive banking resignations were punctuated in June of the same year by World Bank President Zoellick and a year later by Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican being at the apex of Corporatocracy and the entire fiat banking system on the planet.

Since then, the BRICS established direct exchanges using sovereign asset-based currencies to sustain their own economies while requiring others, especially the West, to do the same in exchange for their oil and industrial products.

Now, the financing world is separated between the East’s asset denominated and the West fiat based economies.

As the Brexit referendum was looming, Rothschild’s henchman George Soros invested heavily on Asian gold mines and made at least $2 trillion revenue overnight. This gives the Rothschild banking dynasty more fuel to sustain their sinister plans for the West, i.e. technocratic dictatorship.

So, how would humanity defeat a cunning enemy which is agile enough to play from one financial market into another, in a wink?

Since waging war is not a feasible option considering the possibility of a  nuclear MAD, or mutually assured destruction, the only option left would then be the total destruction of the financial system itself.

But how exactly should the BRICS do it?

Barely a few weeks ago, a conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland, purposely to announce the discovery of a method to transmute any element into another element in the periodic table, and beyond.

This discovery was made possible by two Russian theoretical and experimental scientists who were trying to figure out how to fuel a spacecraft using any element found in space. Now, that’s a good scientific excuse, indeed.

The transmutation process does not involve nuclear reaction and heavy water. The economic consequence of the industrial scale of such a process cannot be projected at this point, they say.


Vladislav Karabanov: “Today, here in Geneva, we are making public a discovery and a technology which without any exaggeration could be of historic significance.

The essence of this discovery and the technology boils down to the development of an industrial method for the transformation of chemical elements into other elements and their isotopes.

What we’ll have to show you today is the transmutation without nuclear reactors, without heavy water, or anything of the kind, to obtain a transmutation of elements. Our approach to transmutation of chemical elements is biochemical in nature.

It is still too early to fully grasp the economic and civilization significance of this technology. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this discovery is a veritable revolution that’s going to open a new chapter in our technological progress. Unlikely as it may sound, this is a fact.

The architects of this discovery and technology are leading Russian Chemists, Mrs. Tamara Sahno and Mr. Victor Kurashov. These are theoretical and experimental scientists who stand on the shoulders of a dynasty of researchers who have been instrumental in discovering these methods for the transformation of chemical methods.

Mankind, represented by the authors, has discovered this method for the transmutation of matter which is likely to change the face of today’s world, perhaps as deeply as it was changed by the use of electricity, perhaps even deeper.

The repercussions of this revolution will be felt in the energy sector, medicine, industry and perhaps would also open up new industries, brand new industries that will have enormous humanitarian implications.

What is most important to bear in mind is that what we are talking about here is a ready-made industrial approach that will be capable of producing target products in industrial quantities in a matter of months. With respect to the economic aspects of this discovery I am going to brief you about that later . . .”

Victor Kurashov: “Ladies and gentlemen, our work to develop the technology for the transmutation of chemical elements goes back to the early 90s. The very first results were obtained back in 1998, but the bulk of this effort and research, as well as hundreds of successful experiments fall on the Summer and Autumn of 2013.

Our further efforts involved patenting this work, and so for all these reasons we haven’t rushed to publish our findings until the patent was issued. We received the patent priority on the 15th of May 2014, whereas the patent itself was issued on the 25th of August 2015.

Let’s move onto the process itself very briefly. The first component used in the process is ore, or nuclear waste. The second component of the process are valuable valency metals such as vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, and others. Either of these will do, but we tend to use iron as the least costly element. The third component and a factor in this process, these are bacteria. Usually we use iron and sulphur-reducing bacterial species which we select along a certain list of criteria, such as that the bacteria are active, that they are resistant to radiation, that they are adapted to a heavily salted solution — ore, suspended in water.

Now aboutthe technology itself: ore, or nuclear waste (there’s no difference) is processed by bacteria in the presence of valuable valency elements in any closed vessel. The transmutation process kicks off immediately, and proceed stage by stage for two or three weeks until target elements are obtained. But if it is not stopped on time, this process would carry on until stable isotopes are obtained as the end product.”

The Russian patent RU 2563511 awarded to Mrs. Tamara Sahno and Mr. Victor Kurashov available at Google Patent repository says [in Google translation]:

gold n

“The invention relates to the field of biotechnology and chemical transmutation. Radioactive feedstock containing radioactive chemical elements or isotopes, treated with an aqueous suspension of bacteria of the genus Thiobacillus, in the presence of variable valence elements. As the use of radioactive materials or ore radioactive waste nuclear fuel cycle. The process leads to obtaining polonium, radon, France, radium, actinium, thorium, protactinium, uranium, neptunium, americium, nickel, manganese, bromine, hafnium, ytterbium, mercury, gold, platinum, and their isotopes. The invention allows to obtain valuable radioactive elements, to carry out the inactivation of nuclear waste from the conversion of waste radioactive isotopes of elements into stable isotopes. 2 ZP f-ly, 18 ill., 5 tab., 9 pr.

The invention relates to chemical transmutation of radioactive isotopes and transformation, that is to artificially produce some chemical elements from other elements. In particular, the method allows to obtain rare and valuable elements: polonium, radon, francium, radium, and actinides – actinium, thorium, protactinium, uranium, neptunium, and various isotopes of these and other elements.

Known transformation of chemical elements, the formation of new isotopes of elements and new chemical elements during nuclear fission and synthesis of chemical elements used in conventional nuclear rectors, in nuclear power plants (NPPs) in research nuclear reactors, for example, by irradiation of the chemical elements with neutrons or protons, or alpha particles.

A method of obtaining the radionuclide nickel-63 in the reactor from a target comprising obtaining enriched Nickel-62 nickel target, the irradiation target in the reactor, followed by enrichment of irradiated product from nickel-63 at extraction of nickel-64 isotope product (RU 2313149, 2007). The advantage of the method is to obtain a high quality product which is designed for use in stand-alone sources of electrical energy, in the detectors of explosives and so on. The reproducibility of the results was confirmed by the analysis of the isotopic composition of elements by mass spectrometry.

However, the method is complicated and unsafe degree requires industrial safety.

It is also known the transmutation of elements – long-lived radioactive nuclides, including those arising in irradiated nuclear fuel (RU 2415486, 2011). The method consists in irradiating neutron flux transmutable material, the irradiation is carried out with neutrons obtained in the nuclear fusion reactions in the pre-formed neutron source plasma, at a certain placement of the scattering medium neutrons. This method is based on the reactions of nuclear fusion in a tokamak is also complex and requires special equipment.

A method of obtaining radionuclides Th-228 and Ra-224, which is also implemented in a reactor technology. The technology is quite complex and has a safety limit (RU 2317607, 2008).

Thus, upon receipt of the chemical elements and their isotopes, in general, are conventionally used nuclear reactions involving nuclear reactors or other sophisticated equipment at high energy costs.

Attempts have been made to solve the problem of obtaining radioactive isotopes in the process of nuclear transmutation of elements more secure manner using the microorganisms. Known in particular isotopes conversion method using microorganisms comprising growing microbial culture Deinococcus radiodurans on a nutrient medium containing the necessary for transmutation of initial isotopic components, and deficient close chemical analogues of the target element. The composition of the medium is introduced, such starting isotopic components which are radioactive and transmutation process can lead to the formation of the target chemical element in the form of a stable or radioactive isotope, which is absorbed by the microbial culture and then remains steady or remains radioactive or decomposed to the desired stable isotope (RU 2002101281 A, 2003). This method does not provide a high yield of the desired isotope, and also requires the use of ionizing radiation as a trigger and response factor supports.

Also known process for the preparation of stable isotopes by nuclear transmutation type of cold fusion elements in microbial cultures (RU 2052223, 1996). The method consists in the fact that the cells of microorganisms are grown in a culture medium deficient isotope target (target isotopes) impact factors contributing to the destruction of the interatomic bonds and leading to an increase in its concentration of free atoms or ions of hydrogen isotopes. The medium is prepared on the basis of heavy water and injected into it scarce for the environment unstable isotopes that decay at the end to form the desired stable isotopes. As a factor that destroys the interatomic bonds using ionizing radiation. This method is based on the use of ionizing radiation, it is not designed for commercial scale requires a high energy and cost.

All of the chemical elements and their isotopes and by-products obtained until now complex and unsafe traditional methods by conventional nuclear reactions in small (sometimes – in micro) amounts clearly insufficient for the energy, industrial, industrial, technical and scientific needs of mankind. Described microbial process for the transmutation of chemical elements allows you to receive all of these chemical elements and their isotopes in almost unlimited quantities, simple to perform, safe for workers and the public, environmentally friendly way that does not require large material flow rates, heat, electricity and heating, while providing this energy, industrial, technical and scientific problems of civilization. These elements and isotopes are enormous reserves of energy, have an extremely high value and selling price on the market.

Microbiological method is proposed transmutation of the chemical elements and isotopes of chemical conversion elements, characterized in that the radioactive feedstock containing radioactive chemical elements or isotopes, treated with an aqueous suspension of bacteria of the genus Thiobacillus, in the presence of any s, p, d, f-elements with variable valency. Selection of elements with variable valence based on the principle of creating a high redox potential. That is, this selection key, or simply on the orientation of these or other elements of variable valency brought into the reaction medium, a redox potential value which is optimal in the range of 400-800 mV (for example, in Examples 1, 2, 3, 4 Eh = 635 mV, 798 mV, 753 mV and 717 mV, respectively).

Items with variable valence, as in the reduced and oxidized forms, creating a standard redox potential, involved in a start-up and control mechanisms of initiation and acceleration of alpha, beta minus and beta plus decay of radioactive isotopes of elements any kind of group of bacteria Thiobacillus.

The method leads to the production of polonium, radon, France, radium, actinium, thorium, protactinium, uranium, neptunium, americium and their isotopes as well as nickel, manganese, bromine, hafnium, ytterbium, mercury, gold, platinum, and their isotopes. As radioactive materials containing radioactive chemical elements can be used ore or radioactive nuclear waste cycles…”

Google Patent

Producing the right element is one thing, using it is another. In conjunction with this discovery, Russia also released the availability of its first 3D metal printer…

The Mindblowing Consequence of this Discovery

There’s no doubt that there will be a creative explosion all over the planet when all of these technology and equipments are made available on the market soon.

When there’s an oversupply of any element, naturally the price of that element will go down to the point of insignificance, the anathema to the scarcity based economic system that we are forced to swallow.

Beside its scientifically groundbreaking significance, the conference was also held in the headquarter of the global banking industry and political epicenter of the West, which should repel all notion of it being just a mere Russian propaganda, or

… that turning iron or lead into gold is not fringe science at all but real and replicable, and the technology to do it is officially available to the world.

In the final analysis, the full utilization of all scientific discoveries could make all conventional institutions, e.g. educational, banking and finance, religion, and even the police and military, obsolete.

The future is within our grasp. We just need to support the right side of the geopolitical spectrum to make it happen.

Aside from the fiat monetary scam and bloodsoaked petrodollar, another significant source of funds for the Nazionist Khazarian Mafia is the “healthcare” industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

We can avoid using drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering, like the Zika virus, easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about how we can kill three birds with one stone, right here.


source: https://geopolitics.co/2016/07/14/russian-scientists-announce-historic-discovery-rendering-the-entire-system-obsolete/

Alleged Sightings Of The Legendary Goatman


29th Nov 2015

Footage of the Goatman

This year-old video, which hails from the the Strange Mysteries Channel on YouTube, details the history of the fabled Goatman. This hybrid creature has peppered popular culture since 1957 when it was first spotted in Maryland. I guess we could call this fella a cryptid, as he is presumably half-human and half-goat, but the video’s lead-in photo plays like a jokester who likes to hit the gym and enjoys fooling folks with goat-themed cosplay.

Regardless, the creature known colloquially as “The Pope Lick Monster” has recently (and allegedly) been spotted throughout Wisconsin, Texas, and Kentucky. That’s quite a stretch for a creature who would presumably be limited in gait as “a horned man with the cloven hooves of an ungulate.” His legends hold that he also possesses the strength to tear hikers apart with ease. Perhaps Goatman also moves with the ungodly speed of Looney Tunes’ Tasmanian Devil? Stranger things have happened.

These scattered sightings of the creature arrive not too long after the release of J. Nathan Couch’s book, Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? Couch, a Wisconsin-based ghost hunter, dug into the decades-deep history of the Goatman, who has frightened generations of teenagers who would otherwise hang freely in the woods for rampant makeout sessions. Well, maybe the Goatman did serve a purpose.

Still, what is this mysterious Goatman? He’s certainly not the guy who dressed up as a goat and lived among his imagined brethren in the Wasatch Mountains near Ogden, Utah. They found that dude in 2012, and his story trekked all over the mainstream news.



The Berenst(E)ain Bears Conspiracy Theory That Has Convinced the Internet There Are Parallel Universes


Every now and then some crackpot theory comes along that pushes the boundaries of what was previously considered tripped out and crazy.

This theory wins Best Kook Theory of 2015.

abstract 3d illustration of first place award background

John Matthew, Truth Movement News Co-Founder



Ah, the Berenstain Bears.

These fuzzy critters are hands down some of the most beloved children’s literature characters of the modern age. Whom among us hasn’t learned a valuable (if not a little heavy-handed) lesson from Brother and Sister Bear?

The Bears taught us such varied lessons as: you should stop being a greedy little asshole and share, and if you bite your nails you’re a gross, disgusting person who deserves to be a pariah among your family.

The treehouse-living Bears love us so much that they’re still teaching us—technically grownups—important lessons today. And they have one final major lesson in store for us: We all live in an alternate reality and nothing we know is real.

You could say that they are our Ursidae Neo.

The Bears are communicating these newfound realities to us through their name. Take a cold hard look at the wording above. Does something look wrong to you? Do you remember it being Berenstein with an E, not Berenstain with an A?

If you do, you’re not alone. There are many who remember it this way. In fact, there are so many Berenstein believers that people in the know will cite that as proof that this is a glitch in the matrix. I’ve dubbed these individuals Berensteinites. I talked to quite a few people I know, and most of them remember the bears surname being spelled with an E.

“I only realized that ‘A’ reading to my kid about eight months ago,” one of my friends said. “That was a disturbing bedtime.”

To be completely honest, I am one with the believers of the E. I personally remember, vividly, the Berenstain Bears being spelt with an E and calling it that for years. Even during the writing of this piece, the misspelled name is right there on the tip of my tongue. I constantly need to go back and change all of the Berensteins to Berenstains because my mind is so set in its way.

Learning that I have been wrong all these years has caused what can only be described as a personal crisis of sorts.


The Berenst(E)ain Bear theory has been around for a few years. But it exploded last week when Run the Jewels rapper/music producer, and possible Berensteinite, El-P, went on, I assume of course, a weed-powered tweeting spree about it.

Unlike many other conspiracy theories, the doctrine of the Berensteins seems to be gaining traction due to the fact that readers can take a side. There’s Team Stein and Team Stain and some of the people misremembering the fact, whatever they think that fact is, see that misremembrance as proof of a different, and possibly darker, timeline.

Several theorists in particular think that the Berenst(E)ain Bear conspiracy is proof of the Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect is the brainchild of Fiona Broome, and it pulls its name from when a large group of people all had vivid memories of Nelson Mandela dying in prison. A thing that in this timeline, as they say, never happened. The theory reasons that if there is a large population of people who all share a similar false memory then the phenomenon is “related to alternate history and parallel realities.”

The whole thing makes total sense, right?

Like all complex and important issues, you must first understand the history if you want to understand the theory, and what a long and enchanted history the Berensteinites have. The first time someone noticed the bears attempt to warn us was back in 2009 on a dreadlock-dedicated forum. A user by the name of Burke posted in Dreadlock Truth asking why the pronunciation of his favorite childhood books has changed. In these days, no one grasped the issue at hand and the severity of the bears’ true message. Other users just offered solutions that the Berenstein name “sounds Jewish” and the change could’ve been a result of neo-Nazi aggression.

The theory remained dormant for a number of years before it popped up on the humorist website the Communist Dance Party in a lengthy 2011 post. Although the words were written in jest, the writer—the false prophet—blows the whole Berenstain Bears theory open and relates it to the Butterfly Effect.

“At some point between the years 1986 and 2011, someone traveled back in time and inadvertently altered the timeline of human history so that the Berenstein Bears somehow became the Berenstain Bears,” he wrote. “This is why everyone remembers the name incorrectly; it was Berenstein when we were kids, but at some point when we weren’t paying attention, someone went back in time and rippled our life experience ever so slightly.”

Little did he know how important that notion would come to be in the movement.

The next appearance of the theory came in the form of a 2012 post on the blog The Wood Between Worlds by a user named Reese, called “The Berenstain Bears: We Are Living in Our Own Parallel Universe.” These 1,600 words would prove to be the main literature of this modern movement. It is simply the Berensteinites’ New Testament, their Vedas.

In it, the blog’s author makes a “modest proposal,” one that implies that all of us are “living in our own parallel universe.” He propagates that there are at least two universes; the “stEien” universe and the “stAin” universe. The author attempts to prove the theory as true, and breaks down into mathematical and scientific terms.

Here’s a tidbit:

I propose that the universe is a 4-dimensional complex manifold. If you don’t se habla math jargon, that means I propose the 3 space dimensions and the 1 time dimensions are actually in themselves complex, meaning they take values of the form a+ib, part “real” and part “imaginary.”


From there, the theory gestated until it started appearing last year on a subreddit with the apt name Glitch in the Matrix. This is when the gospel began to spread. The subreddit is dedicated to those things that “we usually tell ourselves to forget, because they’re just too out of step with what experience tells us reality should be like.” The Berensteinites first major Reddit appearance occurred when they took over a post asking if anyone had ever seen a picture of Henry VIII eating a turkey leg. They have called this corner of the internet home ever since.

The Mandela Effect became such a popular subject that a subreddit dedicated solely to the idea was started in 2013. It exists as a place where people can see if misremembering the release date of “Boom Boom Pow” is proof of parallel universes. It is a bastion of intellectual thought. A recent post on the subreddit by dedicated Berensteinite Roxxorursoxxors laid out the plans for a 20-year experiment on his or her two-year-old to see if the theory is valid.

“I’m going to do my best to forget this debate even exists, not bias her, and make sure she has berenstAin bear books until she turns about 10,” Roxxorursoxxors wrote. “At that point I will take them away. When she turns 25 or so I’ll ask her to what they’re called and have her write down the answer.”

To try and get a handle on what may be the most important scientific theory to arise in the 21st century, I thought I would go to an expert. Dr. Henry L. Roediger is one of the foremost experts on false memories in North America, so I wrote him about the Berensteinites to get his thoughts. His response made it clear he believes what’s happening is more Occam’s Razor than X-Files.

“I’m not sure that misremembering one letter in a long name is a major league false memory,” he wrote VICE in an email. “My guess is that in this case that “stein” is remembered because it is a common ending of many names—Einstein, Frankenstein, Goldstein, etc.”

He’s obviously a shill in the great Berenstain conspiracy.

I knew I couldn’t believe this sole expert’s account in regards to this notion, as Reddit is never wrong. So I wrote Random House, the publisher of the books since 1962, in an attempt to confirm this theory. In the email I asked if they had always spelled the name with an “A” and if they were certain there were no titles printed under the Berenstein name. Almost immediately after I sent the email I received a reply from the publishing house. It was supernaturally fast. Almost like they knew it was coming.

“Thank you for contacting the Random House Children’s Books publicity department,” they wrote me. “Please note that due to the volume of emails we receive daily, it may take some time for us to respond to your request.”

A likely story.

They know the Berensteinites are on to them.

Source: http://www.vice.com/read/the-berensteain-bears-conspiracy-theory-that-has-convinced-the-internet-there-are-parallel-universes

Proof of the Mandela Effect – The BerenstEin Bears


The Mandela Effect is a theory put forth by writer and “paranormal consultant” Fiona Broome that shared false memories are in fact glimpses into parallel worlds with different timelines.
Broome says that the origin of her theory came out of a discussion about whether or not Nelson Mandela died in prison. Naturally, this happened backstage at Dragon*Con.


Many people who believe in the theory insist that the popular children’s book series The Berenstain Bears was once known as The Berenstein Bears.