Frilly knickers, lacy bras and bootylicious thongs: men making moves as racy mangerie takes off

21st May 2015

FOLLOWING in the tradition of the mankini and the manbag, men across Australia can now satisfy their lust for lacy lingerie with a little ‘mangerie’.

For boys who love the feeling of a little lace or the thrill of frilly knicks, Brisbane-based Homme Mystere is providing for its own niche market, mX reports.

Fit formed for the male physique, the business’ line of knickers, bras, thongs and other mangerie has apparently seen its sales double each year of its seven year existence.

And, contrary to popular belief, the profile of the majority of mangerie fanciers isn’t necessarily what you might expect.

Owner Brent Krause — who tests out the racy products himself — said the majority of lads ditching boxers and briefs for the more feminine kits are straight, married, and are anything from tradies to doctors and soldiers.

Krause said he was now seeing a jump in gift purchases as wives and girlfriends became more understanding, with Valentine’s Day and Christmas the bumper seasons.




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