Man who lost job after complaint over ‘Walking Dead’ toy speaks with CBS 17

A former State Employees’ Credit Union employee accused of having racist toys in his office is sharing his side of the story with CBS 17 after he lost his job at the bank.

“I would just really appreciate it if people did not think that I was a racist or anything like that,” Matt Anderson said.

Anderson wants people to hear that message after an African-American customer at the Louisburg Road branch of SECU accused him of racism.

The customer uploaded pictures of figurines in Anderson’s office that she deemed offensive. The toys were characters from the AMC show “The Walking Dead.”

One of the toys is a black man who has become a zombie and has a chain around his neck. In the popular television show, a female African-American character named Michonne keeps two armless zombies as pets.

Anderson said the customer asked him what the figurines were.

“‘Have you ever seen the show?’ She didn’t respond to my question. She just said that she was offended and I asked her, ‘Well, why were you offended?’ because I wanted to know so that I could apologize to her,” he said.

He said the woman didn’t respond and instead complained to his boss. Anderson said he has since lost his job after less than a year working there.

“The credit union has not given me an official reason for letting me go. The initial reaction was that I shared customer information, however that’s not true. I wouldn’t ever do that,” he said.




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