Sue Klebold to break TV silence over Columbine high school massacre

THE mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the two teens behind the Columbine high school massacre, has written a memoir and will be interviewed on US TV.

Sue Klebold has never appeared on TV to talk about the killings 16 years ago.

She will talk to veteran US interviewer Diane Sawyer about her memoir, A Mother’s Reckoning, set to be published in February. The prime-time interview will take place around the same time.

Mrs Klebold’s publisher, Crown Publishers, said profits from the book will go towards mental health charities and research.

She is said to have been inspired to write the memoir following the Sandy Hook shootings of 2012, when loner Adam Lanza killed 20 small children and six teaching staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

In 1999, Dylan Klebold and fellow senior student Eric Harris killed 12 students and one teacher at the Colorado high school before taking their own lives. Before Sandy Hook, it was the worst school massacre in US history.

Although she has never spoken about the killings on TV Mrs Klebold was interviewed for a book by the author Andrew Solomon, called Far from the Tree.

Mrs Klebold told Mr Solomon: “I can never decide whether it’s worse to think your child was hardwired to be like this and that you couldn’t have done anything, or to think he was a good person and something set this off in him.”

In an essay for Oprah Winfrey’s O magazine in 2009 she said that while she perceived herself to be “a victim of the tragedy” she “was widely viewed as a perpetrator or at least an accomplice since I was the person who had raised a ‘monster’.”



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