Survey: 82% of American Teens Own an Apple iPhone

23Oct 2018

82 percent of American teenagers claim to own an Apple iPhone in a recent survey, making the iPhone the most dominant brand.

According to a Piper Jaffray survey, 82 percent of teenagers in the United States claimed to own an Apple iPhone, while 86 percent of teenagers predicted their next phone to be an iPhone too — making the iPhone the most popular phone for teenagers in the United States.

The results were significantly higher than Android, with just 10 percent of teenagers predicting their next phone to be an Android.

“Overall, we view the survey data as a sign that Apple’s place as the dominant device brand among teens remains intact,” declared the survey’s analysts.

iPhone ownership has risen considerably over the past four years, despite a report this year which indicated Apple’s reputation had suffered a hit.

Just over 60 percent of teenagers owned an iPhone in Spring 2014, according to Piper Jaffray.

Last month, Fox10 reported that 5 times more Millennials than Baby Boomers were prepared to get into debt to have the latest iPhone, and 19 percent of people would rather have unlimited phone data over an “excellent credit score.”






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