Wolfgang Halbig Exposed As A Fraud


I’ve heard Wolfgang is making his rounds, accusing people of slandering him and libeling him by calling him a fraud.  He is threatening to sue.

Recently, GoFundMe, after receiving numerous complaints from numerous different sources, cancelled Wolfgang Halbig’s fundraising account.  This company chose not to be a part of his fraud.  That is honor with a company that is rarely found.

Wolfgang Halbig sent this email out to several people, including Tony Mead and Connecticut’s Yvonne Adamow.

Wolfgang Halbig lies to raise money. He commits fraud.  When someone lies to raise money, they commit fraud.  The court house doors then CLOSE, slammed shut to him for all purposes (except perhaps Wolfgang as a defendant). The court would never allow itself to be used as a tool of Wolfgang’s fraud.

Proof? Just a few of his bold faced LIES:

Wolfgang Halbig has claimed the shooting of the school is a FEMA Capstone drill, in other words, an “event” put on by the Government.   The Government can’t even keep a secret with a few Navy SEALs; that’s just reality.  Entire separate policing agencies, populations, reporters,and even random citizens and children… all in on it… and nearly two years later, there is no REAL evidence of it being a drill.

In fact, that is not even how a drill is conducted.  If you want to begin to learn how a real drill is conducted, you can start here:

Wolfgang Halbig raises money off of his claims.  Wolfgang cannot prove any of his allegations.  It’s a sales pitch.  In fact, Wolfgang Halbig has exactly zero evidence that a court would entertain.  Get real.

Wolfgang Halbig states the radio transcript published as an authenticate and certified official police document is a “script”.  He is lying.  No judge would entertain him on this;  a certified document, in court, will have a presumption of validity. Period.  That’s real world stuff.  The fantasy talk that Wolfgang uses to trick weak minded stoned hoaxers is not going to work in a court room.

That is a written transcript of radio communications on 12-14-12. Period.

For Halbig to prove the radio transcript is a “script”, ie prove it was written and followed by “actors”, would require proof Wolfgang could never produce, because it doesn’t exist; obviously.

Wolfgang Halbig LIES and claims that TWO Connecticut State Police FIRST RESPONDING Troopers are his witnesses who gave him the script. They are “coming forward”, he says.   Obviously, he has never named them.  Wolfgang will NEVER name them.

Wolfgang will claim he will name them, because this causes his drooling mindless sheep to  give him few bucks. That’s it.

That is as far as Halbig will EVER go.  Wolfgang has repeatedly used this lie and MANY others to pitch for money.  Since Halbig misrepresents facts to induce people to give him money and he does in fact induce people to give him money; he is committing true legal fraud. Florida should arrest him.

For example, in order to prevail, Halbig would have to prove he really has two Connecticut State Police Troopers. These Troopers must be First Responders on 12-14-12, and one must have been writing a ticket.  These are absurd claims of Halbig.  He has made these claim in available interviews.

These lies will ensure Halbig NEVER files a lawsuit in regards to Sandy Hook against anyone.  Wolfgang Halbig knows it.

Use your foggy brain, hoaxers.  If these two mythical troopers existed, do you really think they would go to some dingbat quasi-illiterate mush head  who lives in a backwoods Florida swamp with their “story”?  No, this would be prime time stuff. Washington Post, New York Times, you name it.

There are numerous videos and blogs absolutely proving Halbigs lies. Halbig is a well published liar.  I’ve documented these lies numerous times. Brendan Hunt has produced a series of videos proving Halbig is a liar.  Did Halbig sue Brenden? Of course not.

Wolfgang can’t  turn the court room into his stage and a Federal Judge, his court jester.  The honorable court would never allow it, ever. Halbig would destroy himself with his own initial pleading.    What is Halbig really going to say?

A hoaxer who stares out his window worried about chem tails and lizard people is Wolfgang’s fool; not people with real brains and certainly not a Federal Judge. You think a Federal Judge is really going to play games? Perhaps sit there why Wolfgang plays Smallstorm’s trash or while Jon Batla’s (Team Wakeemup) dances and rants on a Youtube?

“FEMA Drill blah blah blah Newtown Bee! blah blah”.

Can Hoaxers come back to earth any time soon?

“Hoaxer evidence”, ie a video made in some basement, is literally a joke in the real world.

THERE IS NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF REAL EVIDENCE OF HOAX.  None. Zilch. Natha.  Not a witness. Not a video. Not a sworn statement.  Nothing.  Looped gimmicks set to sound tracks created by drug addicts in their mom’s basement are not “evidence”.

Wolfgang Halbig would be ordered to pay the other sides attorney fee’s even, of this I have no doubt. Wolfgang is not acting in good faith when he uses a fake Tombstone Generator image to make a pitch for money.

Wolfgang can’t afford the other attorney’s fees. Kathy Halbig is obviously far from the sharpest tool in the shed but is she going to give her house up to pay a citizens attorney fees?  Of course not.

In my opinion, he is all talk. He is all bluster. He is all scam.

The moment you commit fraud, the courthouse door slams shut on that issue.

So the point of this post is not prove or disprove Wolfgang Halbig, been there, done that, many times.

The point is: if you receive a leg threat from Wolfgang Halbig, don’t let him bully you.

Wolfgang is well-documented lying lunatic public figure conspiracy theorist that runs sale pitch games to raise money off of web appearances.


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6 thoughts on “Wolfgang Halbig Exposed As A Fraud

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  6. nightswanii@yahoo.com'MJ

    Your defense is blah blah blah? Did you watch the pre trial hearing with Wolfgang’s lawyer and Pozner’s extremely inexperienced lawyer? The judge denied almost all of Pozner’s lawyer’s motions except a handful. There is so much proof it was a drill and I live inNew Milford, CT…close to Newtown. I have family in Newtown. Sandy Hook School was closed down and the students had been dispersed to neighboring schools. Wolfgang is not a fraud or a liar. You say he stole money from people? How about the millions gullible people around the world told donates to the fake victims?
    These people are actors and liars. Lobbying, flown on Air Force One(illegal). Donation pages set up days and sometimes months before the incident. There are hundreds of screen captures. Who in their right mind thinks about creating Facebook pages for money the day of the MURDER of their 6 year old? I have a 6 year old and that’s the last thing I’d be thinking about. Oh and Kaitlin Roig put 15 kids and herself in a 3*4 bathroom with a door that swings inward? Sally Cox claimed Lanza’s mother was a kindergarten teacher at the school? Why say an outright lie? Several of the photos released are blatantly photoshopped so poorly my 10 year old noticed without me even saying anything. The stories that change over and over again and two words that should solidify scam in anyone’s mind…Gene Rosen.


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